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Sharing the Green Grass: - Cultivating a Locally-led Peace Architecture in the Niger Delta

The main contract for the USAID funded project “Sharing the Green Grass: Cultivating A Locally-Led Peace Architecture in the Niger Delta” was signed in January 2019 but ICD signed the sub award agreement with SFCG and commenced implementation in June 2019. This Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM) project is being implemented in partnership with Common Ground (SFCG). The project aimed to strengthen local capacities to peacefully manage conflict and prevent violence from escalating within a locally-led peace architecture in the Niger Delta. This goal is supported by two objectives:

1.       For farmer and herder communities to cultivate the skills and relationships to collaborate on peace and security issues.

2.       For farmer and herder communities to develop effective, sustainable local mechanisms for early warning response, dispute management, and violence mitigation.

The project covers 12 (twelve) communities in 4 (four) Local Government Areas (LGA).

The approaches being used in the project are centered on dialogue, media and community engagement. For this reason three (3) different platforms were created for effective engagement with the grassroots, local and the state governments. The platforms are as follows:

Community Peace Committee (CPC) is the nucleus of the project because it has direct connection with the grassroots. It is a platform that empower communities to resolving conflicts locally.

Community Security Architecture Dialogue (CSAD) is focused on developing local actor response plans for improved security, dispute management, compensation agreements and new community policies to mitigate violence.

Peace Architecture Dialogue (PAD), is aimed at creating dialogue opportunities for government to enact new state police and law enforcement coverage zones, increase regional responses to emerging trends, collaborate on new government policies, and engage in specific issues and trends.

Some results of the project are:

1.       Established strong relationship with important stakeholders-LGAs, MDAs and communities

2.       Buy-in to the project by the LGA Chairmen and MDAs and some target and untargeted communities

3.       The two warring parties (herders' and farmers) agreed to dialogue to finding practical solution to recurring problems.

4.       Communities succeeded in identifying herders rearing cows in their bushes which they were never able to do

5.       Target communities now have Mediators as interface persons between farmers and herders for solution-oriented problem solving.

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