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 Reducing the impact of VAGW (Violence against Women and Girls), and increasing the participation of women in institutions relevant to peace building in Delta State

Reducing the impact of VAGW (Violence against Women and Girls), and increasing the participation of women in institutions relevant to peace building in Delta State

 Project Objective

Ø  To increase public awareness in the targeted areas about discriminatory practices

Ø  To increase awareness among policy makers and security agencies on discriminatory laws

Ø  To strengthen the social roles of both men and women in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peace-building through the promotion of knowledge and skills acquisition in the areas of conflict analysis, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, advocacy, early warning etc.

Ø  To reduce incidences of gender-based violence in communities and in times of conflicts

Ø  To intensify advocacy against traditional and cultural practices that inhibit or obstruct the effective implementation of NAP 1325

Ø  To engage government, civil society and media in the promotion of international, regional and national instruments on WPS


Ø  Stakeholders mapping

Ø  Baseline study

Ø  Consultation/Advocacy/Sensitization

Ø  Capacity building training

Ø  Formation of Peace Clubs

Ø  Formation of grassroot women organizations

Ø  Monitoring and Evaluation



Ø  Increased awareness on discriminatory practices and other discriminatory laws

Ø  Increased awareness on issue of VAWG

Ø  Increased awareness of institutions and structures to which they may report in cases of GBV

Ø  Strengthened the capacity of stakeholders to address gender based issues in line with NAP 1325

Ø  Strengthened the capacity of Men, Women, Youth, Boys and Girls, Marginalized and PLWD



Men, Women, Youth, boys, girls, PLWD, Marginalized, traditional rulers, Chiefs, FBOs, CBOs, CDC, various groups and associations at the community level.



Completed (2015 – 2016)


Ø  State Government

Ø  Local Government

Ø  CSOs and NGOs operating in Delta State

Ø  FBOs and Associations operating at the community level in targeted communities



Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) women and girls programme area work towards ‘Increased and more influential participation by women and girls in institutions and initiatives relevant to peace-building, with reduced prevalence and impact of violence against women and girls’

Initiative for Community Development (ICD) in partnership with NSRP implemented a programme aimed at addressing violence against women and girls.  The programme provided a platform for women and girls to learn to manage conflict non-violently and to report and challenge gender-based violence.  They also learn skills that encourage them to participate in leadership, mediation and peace-building initiatives.

                                                                   Cross section of participants during stakeholders’ workshop


2019 World Water Day Commemoration Live TV/Radio appearance at Quest TV/Radio by ICD invited Guest Discussants Closeout and Evaluation Report On The European Union's Niger Delta Support Programme (NDSP)
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